How to get job in IT industry?

Hi,I am Ujjwala.Actually I have completed my BE in computer science in 2010.I was get selected in one of the IT company through campus,so had decided to join it.But they have not given us joining and up to 6 months ,so I was so much frustrated because I had wasted my 6 month after that I started searching job but didn't get any job because of my lack of confidence in interviews and also I was in depression because of some problems in my personal life.In next year I started doing Gate exam.preparation but unfortunately my score is not good to get admission for ME and my family is also not supporting me to do it .because they were expecting good score and now I realized that I have wasted 2 years,so now I want to start my carrier ,but i want to become in software profession,so now I m doing software testing course from one of the institute,so I am having 2 years gap,so please tell me how to get job now as early as possible?

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  • Aug 23rd, 2012

Do not worry about not pursuing M.E degree or not getting job when you completed the Bachelor Degree. The gap is not at all a problem. Focus your mind to one target. If youre interested in testing career, please learn any testing courses in placement guaranteed institutions.

Mohamed Jamaludeen

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