When actions are available why we use functions?

Hi, Can anybody give the answer to this question which is recently asked in interview, When we have actions available in qtp, why we use functions?

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Sarada Akurathi

  • Sep 13th, 2011

As per my knowledge, if you use functions then that is Keyword-driven methodology and it is useful for non-technical people and actions will be used in data driven methodology.

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Sorry, please see correct answer

In Keyword driven framework, we will use functions. We will write a test case using keywords and each keyword will become a function and then we will make the test script.

In DataDriven Framework, we will define reusable actions and in the script we will use the actions.

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  • Nov 18th, 2012

As per my knowledge Action is specific to that particular test (with in test).

Where as Functions you can use any where not only for that particular test (Global)

Correct me if I am wrong. Thank You!

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