CICS Transaction Commands

What are the transaction commands in cics? Explain with an example and sample code ?

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babjee talluri

  • Jul 26th, 2011

CECI:-- cics execution command interpreter

CEMT:-- cics execution master terminal(sing this we can copy the load module from batch to online & know
program-id associated with trsn-id, enquire the trans-id using program name

CECI:-- cics execution command interpreter(used to display the map with out application program)

CEDA:-- cics execution dynamic allocation(used to install & define the map, prog,trans-id

cedf:-- cics execution diagnostic facility(used to debug cics commands in an online program)

CESN:-- cics execution sign on(used for sign on)

CESF:-- cics execution sign off(used for sign off)

CEBR:-- cics execution browse(browse data in a queues)

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