How to take backup of emails on Outlook ?

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  • May 17th, 2011

If you are using Outlook Express as your mail client, you can take Outlook mails backup by storing .dbx files in another folder or drive.
Right click on inbox -> properties there u will get the path . Copy that path and select the .dbx files and copy / write its to cd. this way you can take backup of your mails in outlook.

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1. Outlook AutoArchive feature. Archiving means moving messages to an archive folder at regularly scheduled intervals.

2. , Exporting (copying) the contents of the message folder to a Personal Folders file (.pst) (Personal Folders file (.pst): Data file that stores your messages and other items on your computer. You can assign a .pst file to be the default delivery location for e-mail messages. You can use a .pst to organize and back up items for safekeeping.) using the Import and Export Wizard. This creates the backup .pst file. You can then copy the .pst file onto a CD or DVD for safekeeping or to move the data to another computer with Outlook installed.

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  • log in with some user->delete files->tools->options->maintenance->store folder->copy the path->create new folder->paste the path to the new folder created->import->messages->MS outlook->select the user from where files is deleted->browse folder where the path was pasted->finish

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