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How to proceed with QTP when QTP doesnt idenify the object? When a object is not being recognised by QTP, what is the work around so that you can continue with automation?

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  • May 31st, 2010

Whenever the object is not recognized by your tool than we have 2 ways to make the tool to recognize without fail.

That is
1) Through Descriptive Programing
2) Through Low Level Recording

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When QTP is not able to identify the object, then we have to go for 2 options

1) We have the option called as a virtualobject, using that the QTP will identify the user selected area or object as a recognised object.

2) We have the option called as a Smart Identification using that QTP will able to identify the object.

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There are 3 ways through which we can identify an object:

- Mandatory/Assestive properties
- Ordinal Identifier
- Smart Identification

If QTP still not able to identify an object after using the above functionalities then an error message would be displayed that object not identified. That error message is controlled using the Recovery Manager and will continue with our test even object is not identified.

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  • Jul 13th, 2010

1. Try to identify why object is not getting recognized. Like some of the properties used to identify the object may change dynamically. Try using regular expression or try to supply the value from the datatable

2. As suggested earlier ... Try using ordinal identifies such as location and Index

3. Be careful with the smart identification... Check if the smart identification is really able to identify the correct object before using it.

4. Check if required addins are added.

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QTP will identify the object using 3 facilities:

1) Normal Identification (Object Repository)
2) Smart Identification
3) Ordinal Identifier

If QTP is unable to identify the object by using all the above; then there
will be 2 options:

1) We need to update the properties list (Mandatory/Assistive/Base
Filter/Optional Filter)
2) Need to create recovery scenario based on the situation & need to attach with

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  • Sep 20th, 2010

If the object is not recognized from QTP, Try using descriptive prog. If its not helpfull, create a custom plugin (add-in) and add to QTP.

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  • Sep 25th, 2010

If QTP is not able to identify the object then first check whether smart identification in enable or not through

File --> Setting --> run.
By default object identification is enabled.

If this not work then you can go for virtual object. Create virtual object through
Tools--> virtual Objects --> new virtual object

Virtual object will be helpful if the object location is fixed.

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