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What is the difference between an agressive project plan (schedule) and a reality project plan (schedule) ? Which is better for the client?

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There are few standard techniques to create agressive project plan as fast tracking, crashing,  and overtime.

Fast tracking is defined as schedule compression technique that overlaps critical path activities that otherwise would normally be done in parallel. It is considered to be high-risk technique.

Crashing is another schedule compression technique that is based on adding resources to task on critical path. It is usually associated with increased costs.

Overtime could help but only limited overtime is recommended. 

Process improvements or measures that raise productivity are considered the best.

Whenever your project is in the situation when the client or customer is pushing for aggressive dates or to extend the scope, do not make decisions in a hurry.

Such requests should be addressed though process known as rebaselining of the project - in other words changing one "reality" plan (or agreed upon and approved plan) to another new "reality" plan.

The problem is that otherwise the new aggressive plan would not be realistic and, as such, dead from the day one.


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