Add a User to Network

Explain how will you add a user to network?

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  • Sep 18th, 2009

If this is a work network using a domain; then you simply join the user to the Domain.
1. Right click my computer, Properties
2. Computer name tab
3. Click change button
4. Supply a computer name
5. Then supply a domain/workgroup
Hope this is the answer you where looking for.

On Server click on start all program - admin tools - users & computers - users right click on anywhere, there is msg make new user - create user after this use this user id you login in whole domain. I hope this is usefull for you

If It is a domain (Windows 2003), login in as administrator the follow the steps,
1. Start-programa-administrative tools-Active Directory Users and computers (If you are logged in Server)
2. Right click -mew user
3. Follow fill the information and finish the instructions.


  • Jun 10th, 2010

First you need to figure out what role the user is going to have and if there is anyone on that has the correct set of permissions as the user. If this is true, on the server or on your desktop if you are an admin and have the admin tools installed. then go to start -> Administrative tools -> Active Directory Users and computers -> find the user that has the correct permissions right click and select copy. Enter the information for teh new user. If no such user exits, just right click on the proper OU and select new user and enter the user information.

This answer is specially for windows 7 and I think it would be usiful in all the kind of windows
first go to start menu-controll panel-user accounts-manage another account-creat new account-then write the name of the new account in the first space you will see-then choose if this new account will be standard or administrator-in the end of the page click create.

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  • Aug 26th, 2017

If you want to add user in workgroup follow this steps:
Open RUN dialogue box (Win+r) type Lusrmgr.msc a new dialogue box will appear of local user and group click on users and again right click on user then click on users & fiill the details.
If your are in domain network:
Open run dialogue box (win+r) type dsa.msc
and follow the above steps as you did in Workgroup.
Hope this answer is correct from a technical view.

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Mohammad Tarique

  • Sep 19th, 2018

- Go to My Computer right click on Properties
- Click on Change Setting and open one tap System Properties
- Click on Bottom Radio Bottom "Change"
- Open one Domain Tap and given Computer Name ,Domain Name and Click on ok Botton
- Insert Network credential(Administrator Username & Password) Click ok
-Welcome in domain

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