Adequate Test cases for Testing

How do you know when you have enough test cases to adequately test a software module? What criteria do you use to make sure that you have enough test cases?

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We can know whether test case is adequate for testing by using traceability matrix because through this only we know whether we have covered all the requirements.

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  • Aug 18th, 2009

There are two factors to be considered

(i) Traceability matrix
(ii) Coverage techniques (like functional, decision, negative testing, BVA,input field matrix etc)

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  • Sep 8th, 2009

- List the functions used/performed by the module.
- Check / tick mark the functionality covered in the test cases.
- Write positive test cases and negative test cases for the functionality, BVA, Equivalance partitioning has been covered.
- Ensure with the requirement specification that all the points are covered.

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Traceability matrix is one such wonderful technique used to determine the same. A test case document is said to be complete if all the functional points discovered in SRS are covered.

To be more precise, a functionality must have a minimum of one test case and maximum of many that depends on requirements. Any other valuable answers is expected.


  • Dec 3rd, 2009

1) Traceability matrix will let us know whether we have covered all the requirements or not.
2) Secondly we canhave +ve and -ve TC written for the functionality in Traceability matrix.

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From a functional testing perspective, you know you have created all of the necessary test cases by:

1) Conducting peer reviews with senior
2) Ensuring all test cases are mapped to their corresponding requirements (perhaps usng a traceability matrix).
3) Ensuring all change requests have requirements and test cases corresponding to them are mapped to these requirements.
4) Ensuring all positive and negative tests have been accounted for.
5) Ensuring all data validations have been accounted for.
6) Ensuring boundary value analysis has been accounted for.
7) Ensuring all compatibility and interoperability tests have been accounted for.

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