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Describe to the basic elements you put in a defect report?

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Syamkumar S

  • May 16th, 2009

Defect Report is written by a test enginner after finding a bug while testing an Application Under Test (AUT). The defect report will contain the Application Name, Module Name, Defect ID, Testcase ID, Author, Seviarity, Priority, Risk and Brief Description, and the Steps to recreate the specified defect(bug) in the Application Under Test (AUT).

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  • Jul 23rd, 2009

The basic elements in the defect report are:
1)project name
2)module name
3)defect detected on
4)defect detected by
5)defect id
6)defect name
7)snapshort of the defect(if the defect is in the non reproducible environment)
9)defect resolved by
10)defect resolved on.


  • Sep 21st, 2009

The following details you can put for the defect report.
- Serial Number 
- Date Found
- Tester Name
- Screen/Function Name
- Test Case Number
- Defect Title
- Defect Desctiption Steps to reporduce the defect
- Requirement Reference
- Assigned To
- Severity
- Status
- Defect Resolved by
- Resolved Date
- Developers Remarks
- Tester Remarks

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Components of a defect report:

1) defect id
2) test case reference
3) project name
4) build found
5) priority
6) severity 
7) status
8) assigned to
9) submitted by
10) submitted date
11) brief title
12) environment details
13) description of the issue,
14) steps to reproduce the issue
15) expected results
16) actual results
17) a way to include supporting documentation such as screen shots

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  • Apr 19th, 2010

Here I will provide a good defect report format

Project name
Module name
Headline-about defect
Defect type-functionality, specification, regression, user interface etc.
Priority (high,medium,low)
Severity (critical,major,minor)
Environment (platform,database,run time etc)
Steps-explain the defect step by step
Attachments-If any screenshots,notations needed
Comments-If any additional info

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