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While running an Security application, user refreshed the page. the page shows session expired and shows links for login. Is the application is secure or not? Elobrate.

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Yes it's a secured one... here so many cases will arise...

For ex :take a credit card transactions, custer submitted the credit card details, while process is running  he refreshed the page, then no doubt, page should expired.
I think in this case he should ask the custer care people of his transaction if amount deducted from his card.


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It is very secured because suddenly if you are closing the particular application then if any one opens it will ask forlogin and password it is secured because it is not known to others 

if any time the net connects and disconnects then it will ask for security login

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  • Dec 31st, 2015

It cant be considered as VERY SECURED Application, but it can be considered as Secured Application as far as Web Page Authentication is considered

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  • Jul 9th, 2017

NO. Session expiration is one of the perameter. Not Complete security

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