Workability of Concrete

What can be the slump value in the case of following members as per IS recommendations
1. Slab
2. Beam
3. Column
4. Dam

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  • Jan 25th, 2009

Slump value for the concrete in slab, columns and beams shall be i.e. 75mm + or -25mm. Dam structure should be more than this because the quantity of steel would be more and the fabrication of steel would be so that at every where it would be required minimum spacing of the steel.

Sabuj Basu

  • Aug 20th, 2016

Pcc M-15 slump value 60 mm.

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Darandale sanjay rajendra

  • Aug 1st, 2017

Column- 75-150 mm
Beam & Slab- 50-100 mm

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jawad hussain

  • Sep 19th, 2017

for column 75mm to 125mm
for slabs and beam 30mm to 125mm
for foundation 50mm to 100mm

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