What is composite massonary and how is bonding done for it?

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1. Using of composite materials such as fibre reinforced polymer composites (FRPC) instead of steel in masonry structures is nothing but composite masonry.
2. Mainly composites have been extensively used in the aerospace, transit,car and chemical industries as well as in sports equipment manufacturing.
3. Their structural phenomenon specifically in road and bridge infrastructures in cold climates is a newer phenomenon.
4. Composites use high strength fibres in many different forms, combined with a variety of resins. The resins used to form a composite include epoxile, phenolics, bismaleinide and cyanate esters.
5. There are different manufacturing processes, but common to al, and very important is the application of controlled heat and pressure after laying.
6. The most commonly used fibres are glass (e-glass, s-glass), aramid (also known as kelver) and carbon.

The masonry which is constructed with two more combination of materials, like stone facing and brick backing, stone facing and concrete backing etc.
Bonding of masonry is same as ordinary masonry using cement mortar, lime mortar etc.

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