Fixing High Priority Bugs at the Time of Release

If a high priority bug is found at the time of release. If the tester insists to fix that bug and then release, it would affect the client as he has advertised regarding the release of the product. If it is released without fixing bug, then the quality will be affected. What should be done in this case.

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  • Mar 22nd, 2009

Scenario 1.
You let the customer know of the error. The customer understands your situation,
but since the contract stipulates a fine of X amount of money for every day of
delay, you pay X times n (number of days) fine and deliver a working product.

Scenario 2.
You let the product ship with the defect there. Its noticed by the customer when
something really bad happens in production. The customer sues you for damages
that would be many times higher than X times n (mentioned above). You may also
end up paying for cost of litigation, loss of brand name or settle out of court
and STILL have to fix the bug.

Which scenario is more suitable for your company?

PS: Unofficially speaking, If you know the customer cannot sue you or prior
experience says you can pass the crappy software to your customers, you can let
it slip by and fix it in the next 'service pack'. But then, does your company
want to compromise on quality?

The direction our action will take depends on many factors.  I would get answers for the following questions:

1) How fast can this issue be fixed?

2) If it can't be fixed quickly, is it feasible to apply a patch soon after release?

3) What is our mutually-agreed upon exit criteria?

4) How will this situation impact our current contract with the client?

5) How can this situation potentially impact future business with this client?

6) How important is this client to our company?

7) What was the source of the defect (unclear, incomplete, missing requirements or a problem implementing the requirements)?

8) Have we agreed upon any contingency plans that cover this situation with the client?

9) What is the morally right thing to do and is your company inclined to do the morally right thing?

Give your answer:

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