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What is the use of Active Flag (ACTIVE_FLG) in Siebel EIM. What is their purpose?

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Zain AD

  • Jun 24th, 2015

In Siebel, the Active Flag (ACTIVE_FLG) indicated that whether the component is locked or not. If ACTIVE_FLG=Y, you would not be able to make changes or lock the project. In order to make changes, you must first update the flag ACTIVE_FLG=N and afterwards you can make changes.

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  • Dec 29th, 2015

Active_Flg is a property of Siebel Business component fields. This flag is used to make the field active in the current Business Object - Business Component instance. Making the Business Component Fields Active_Flg =Y will facilitate retrieving data from the field or updating data to the field. By default fields mapped to the Applet controls List columns, Fields with active_flg = Y and fields with Link specification set to "Y" are considered active in a BO-BC instance.

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