Siebel Gateway Down

What happens when suddenly Siebel Gateway goes down?
Will current sessions be killed? will new user Session be able to establish? What importance does eapps. cfg and SHM files play in this situation?

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Rahul Jaiwal

  • May 2nd, 2017

If Siebel Gateway is down there will be no effect to existing users. No, new user will be able to access the application.
Shared memory is used for ordinary structures which are used by many users, and it basically stores the business objects definition, business component definition, controls definition and additional metadata objects located in the SRF file or the Siebel repository. The memory stays loaded until the process is stopped, and it is loaded when required.
The Siebel Web Server Extension configuration file, eapps.cfg, is divided into sections that can be used to configure Siebel Business Applications globally or configure individual applications. These sections are described in the following topics. Several parameters can also be manually input to control security, specify the ports used for Web server communications, and perform other operations.

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Amlol A Raut

  • Sep 22nd, 2017

We cannot run IFB Files of EIM

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