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A clock was set right at 5 am then it loses 16 minutes every day, on the 4th day when it shows 10 am, what is the exact time.
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3 days 48 min.... lost

4th day for 5 hrs.....5/24*16 min   =3.33 min.... so total 51.33 min...
exact time will be 10:51.33  hrs

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It will be around 10:52 a.m
The clock loses 16 min every day. "On the 4th day" implies 3 days have been completed. Hence, it has lost 48 min. When it is 5:00 a.m, it shows 4:12 a.m Hence, when it is 11:00 a.m, it shows 10:08 a.m. Every minute, the clock loses, 1/90 min i.e 2/3 of sec. Hence, the actual time will be around 10:52 a.m


  • Sep 14th, 2008

I think the exact time will be 10:51am because three days are complete so at the time 5:00am it will loses 48 min & 5:00am to 10:00am it will loses 3 to 4min more so the total time lose will be 51min.So exact time will be 10:51am.

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assume that x minutes have passed since 5:00 clock on the 4th day when clock shows 10:00

at the begining of 4th day 48 min have been lost(as wexplained in previous posts)
so at 5 the clock shows 4:12

now total time(min) lost on 4th day till when the clock shows 10:00 is x/90.
total time lost is also equal to the difference of the minutes passsed and minutes the clock shows has passed
ie x-minutes b/w 4:12 and 10:00
=x-(348 minutes)


solving gives x=351.9
thus minutes lost till when clock shows 10 is 351.9/90=3.91
total time lost since 1st day 48+3.91
thus coprrect time is 10:(51.91 )

The answer is: The watch will show 9:08 am on 4th day
Because since everyday its losing 16 min so 3 days 48 min,
In next 5 hrs, it will lose by 3 min 20 sec almost. you can calculate it as
24 hrs = 16 min loss
5 hrs = (16/24)*5= 3.3 min = 3 min 20 sec
you add in 48 min,
so this is how watch will be lost by 51 min 20 sec
and now watch will show 9:08 am in morning on 4th day!!

Per day 16 mintes lose means 24 hours 16 minutes losing so for 1 hour 16/24=2/3 minutes= (2/3)*60=40 seconds

So 4days 16 minutes so 16*4=64 minutes.

from 5.AM to 10. AM 5hours so 5*40 seconds= 200 seconds=200/60= 3minutes 20 seconds.

so total lose (64+3)minutes+ 20 seconds= 67minutes 20 seconds= 1hour 7 minutes 20 seconds. so the exact time should be

10.00AM+1hour 7minutes 20 seconds= 11:07:20 AM 


  • Apr 10th, 2009

The clock loses 16 min a day ..
so it loses 48 min in 4 days...ok
if it loses 16 min in 24 hour so it loses 16/24 min in 1 hour
5*16/24 min loses in 5 hour...

therefore to reach 10 am on 4th day the time will lack by..

48+(5*16/24) min
hence the exact time will be...

9:08:66 am  ANS...

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  • May 21st, 2009

on the fourth day at 5:00 am the clock would have lost 48 minutes.
since 5 hours have elapsed after 5:00 am ,
at 10:00 am  we need to calculate the loss of time for 5 hours.

for 24 hours-------16 min loss
      5 hours---------?


the total loss 48+3.33=51.33
the time would   be 10:51:33

For three days it loses 48 min and for the 10 hrs on 4th day it loses 10/24*16 min i.e 6.666 min... so total 54.666 min it lost...

at ten hrs, the exact time is 10 hrs 54.666 min.

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It is clearly said that " on the forth day". so the time of lost should be calculated as follows, 

3days : 16*3=48min lost
(5:00Am -10:00AM)=5hrs
=> 5hrs*2/3=3.33

Therefore, total lost time=48+3.33=51.33 min

Hence the exact time when clock show on 4th day as 10:00AM = 10:51:33AM

Many thanks
Muhammed Kareem

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Each day 16 mins so next four days its 16*4=64 mins=1hr and 4mins late.
Now its diffrence of 5 to 10 am,so 5 hrs which is 5hrs.
12hrs diffrence is 16 min then for 5 hrs it is 6.66 mins difference for 5hrs. 
Total counts 1hr+4mins+6.66mins=1hr 10.66mins.
Actual time is 11am and 10 mins an 6-7secs.

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24 hours 16 min. loss
but 1st day 5.00 am to 4th day 5.00am lost 48min
Another 5 hours remaining
so 24 hours  - 16min
5 hours - ?
Total time last is=48.00 sec + 3.33sec = 51.33
so exact time is=10:51:33

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  • Mar 12th, 2010

The clock loses 16 min a day.
so it loses 48 min in 4 days ok
If it loses 16 min in 24 hour so it loses 16/24 min in 1 hour
5*16/24 min loses in 5 hour.

Therefore to reach 10 am on 4th day the time will lack by.

48+(5*16/24) min
Hence the exact time will be
10hr 51 minutes & 33 seconds

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No: of hrs between 1st day 5am to 4th day 10am is (24+24+24+5)=77hrs...

Given that 16min lost in 1 day,ie The time is 23.44 when the correct time is 24 hrs,
ie 1424/60 hrs when crt time is 24 hrs
  therefore after 77hrs the correct time is (77x24x60/1424)=77.86 hrs,ie 77 hrs 51 min 36 sec.

Therefore the correct time is 10.51.36 ...

Tell me whether you r convinced,else give me the crt ans!!! 

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3 days -> 48 mins late And time on clock is 4.12.00 am
To cover the clock from 4.12 to 10.00 am, there is a loss of [(16/24)*5.8 ] mins..
so total loss will be 48 + 3.87 mins.
Hence Total delay will be 51.87 mins or 51 mins and 54 secs..
Answer: 10.51.54..

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  • Sep 22nd, 2011

10:51:20 am

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  • Oct 20th, 2011

i got 10:51:52am

4th day at 5am actual time while the clock time is 4:12 am
10am - 4:12 = 5hours and 48 mins difference so 5 + 5:48 = 10:48:00 actual time
every 1.5 hours of difference the clock will have 1min delay and
1.5mins of the actual time is 1sec delay for the clock
remaining hours to 16 mins delay = (24x60) - (5*60)+48mins = 1440 - 348 = 1092/60 = 18hrs and 12 mins
remaining hours to 16 mins delay =18hrs/1.5hrs = 12mins and 12mins/1.5mins 8 seconds
total delay = 16mins - 12mins and 8sec = 3mins and 52sec
actual time = 10:48:00 + 3mins and 52 sec = 10:51:52am

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  • Dec 8th, 2015


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  • Jun 23rd, 2016

Ans Is : 10:48 am
Bcoz first dat time is 5:00 am
second day it looses time 16 minites means time is 4:44 am
third day again it looses time 16 minites means time is 4:28 am
final fourth day again it looses 16 minites means time is 4:12 am
so the time difference between first day and fourth day is 48 minites
so the exact time is 10:48 am

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  • Jun 25th, 2016


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Sarvinder Kumar

  • Jul 6th, 2016


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