What are the different ports use in Citrix

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  • May 18th, 2009

Some Citrix Port Numbers

1494: This port is used by any client using the TCP protocol to communicate with the Presentation Server. You will need to open this port on your firewall for inbound connections unless you are using some form of encapsulation or encryption. You can change the port using the ICAPORT command but I find it to be more trouble than it is worth.

1604: Called the ICA Browser port this is a UDP port that can be used by the Program Neighbourhood to enumerate applications. You probably won’t use this though.

80: This is the default port used by the XML service and is used by clients who enumerate applications with the TCP+HTTP or XML protocol. You will thus need to open this port on your firewall for inbound connections if clients will be using it to locate servers. You can change the port easily enough using the CTXXMLSS command.

443: This is the default SSL. The SSL Relay will use it to secure communications between the Web Interface and the server farm. You could also use it to secure client communication to the web Interface or use it for client connections to the Presentation Server.

5000: The Presentation Server uses this port to communicate with the IBM Db2 server hosting the data store.

1521: This port is used to communicate with the Oracle data store.

1433: The port used to communicate with a Microsoft SQL data store.

2512: This port is used for server to server communication such as when load information is communicated. The port used to access the data store is saved in the HKLMSOFTWARECITRIXIMAIMAPORT key on the server containing the data store. All other servers use the port number saved in HKLMSOFTWARECITRIXIMAPSSERVERPORT key in the registry to access the data store. Have a look at IMAPORT to see how to change it.

2513: This port is used by the Presentation Server Console when connection to a server. Have a look at IMAPORT to see how to change it.

2598: This is the session reliability port number and needs to be opened on your firewall if the ICA Clients will be using session reliability when communication with the server.

27000 and a random port number: This is the port used for communication between the Citrix License server and the Presentation Servers. Remember that the Citrix vendor daemon running on the license server uses a random port. It tracks license usage.

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Ratnesh Pandey

  • Sep 12th, 2014

ICA -1494
IMA server - server - 2512
IMA server -client -2513
Session Reliability - 2598
Citrix License server -27000

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  • Oct 11th, 2015

ICA: 1494, Session reliability: 2598
IMA: 2512 (Server to server) 2513 (Server to console)
XML: 80 when integrated with IIS can be configured to 8080
License: 27000, Vendor deamon: 7279, License server console: 8082
SQL server for data store: 1433

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  • Mar 28th, 2018

ICA - 1494/2598
IMA - 2512/2513
license server - 27000
Datastore - 1433
XML - 80/8080
SSL - 443

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