Dealing with Angry Client

How do you deal with angry clients? How you handled this situation and what was outcome was?

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  • Jan 9th, 2011

We need to first understand quickly as to why the client is angry.
We must analyse if there is any thing that we can do to solve his problem.
We must then explain to him that we are completely aware of his situation and are working on it.
This always helps in calming the client .
However if multiple assurances are given and if the client is not happy about it .
We should explain to him how the situation got to an hopeless
scenario and try to ask him for a suggestion and involve him.
This would make him understand that it is not a situation that occurs regularly and is unexpected and would cooperate until the problem is solved.

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  • Jan 28th, 2012

First of all, I will try to make him calm down and listen his conversation and try show involving and take interest on his conversation. After that I will give him positive feedback and then take all the responsibilities to inquiry this matter as my own and give you report in-person in short period. I apologize to him behalf of the person who was responsible for this situation and for myself too.

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abhinand v nair

  • Mar 3rd, 2012

I will deal with him in diplomatic way. First of all i will make him calm down and analyze his problem and convince him that nothing is there to worry and i will find a remedy for that problem as soon as possible

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