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I have interface in that interface 3 methods are there , after some days client said that,i want to add one more method in that interface ,so how can add 4 method so that the implemented class did not affect,
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  • Aug 20th, 2012

You can use inheritance for that... You can inherit new class from the Existing class and add the method in that.


  • Apr 30th, 2013

make a class abstract in this class you do not need to implement all methods of interface .

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If we implement any new method in Interface then by default that method is public and abstract, So the classes which are implementing that interface should implement that method that is one way in which the following classes will not affect.

Another way is make the class as abstract so that no need to implement all the methods of interface. Here what you have to think is we have two ways to make the followed classes will not affect, in those two ways select the best way to resolve your problem.

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