What kind of challenges did face at your last job and how did you overcome it?

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  • Jan 16th, 2009

The first challenge was to establish myself which I achieved by hardwork and the second challenge was to establish myself in a "short span of time" which I achieved by my smart work.
The difference between the hard work and the smart work is that for the former we need to put in a lot of efforts and for the later we need to think of the ways as to how to put in the efforts to get the quick results. 

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  • Dec 23rd, 2009

The only challange was to establish myself in the organization as a reliable resource, other challanges are sub-parts of the mentioned challange. I overcame it by putting in all my efforts.

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  • Jun 28th, 2010

The major challenges faced at my last job was to take a desion to stop the continous operation of the unit inorder not compromise with the safety of the personnel and equipment. The continous operation could likely result to a potential fire hazard likewise the shut down of the unit will result to increased in unit downtime and less revenue for the company. But because the safety is one of the core values of the organisation and there is comparision with the downtime i advised that the unit should be shutdown.

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