What are the steps to build the data warehouse?

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1. Requirement gathering for BI reports
2. Identify the source databases
3. Designing source to target mappings
4. Designing DWH
5. Designing ETL jobs
6. Development of ETL jobs
7. Data load into DWH

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There are four steps to build a datawarehouse architecture.


Kindly go through the link below for more details.


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  • Dec 16th, 2008

Steps Datawarehouse
The fact tables contain quantitative data that might be queried or acquired to measure and the dimension tables are smaller and hold descriptive data that relates to measure and reflect upon the data hierarchy in the database.

There are four phases in the development process –
  • Analysis 
  • Design 
  • Data gathering  
  • Loading phases 

Analysis process is completely taken care by analysts which will be having a sound knowledge of  the process to be followed. In general, this phase is carried forward by concerned personnel sitting at client end.

The Design phase includes four tasks, which are: identifying measures, identifying dimensions and their hierarchies, designing and creating physical models by defining schema of fact and dimension tables.
This process is called high level design.

Furthermore, Data gathering phase involves extracting and cleaning data to prepare it for loading into the warehouse.  This phase is called low level design.

The last phase, loading phase, is to load the prepared data into the data warehouse.


  • Mar 2nd, 2009

1. Requirement gathering (involved in face to face discussion with the
clients regarding what is their requirement)
2. Data modeling (where we fix the schema design for warehouse)
3. Data profiling
4. Data cleansing
5. ETL ( 1. Extracting the transactional data from the data sources into a
staging area 2. Transforming the transactional Data 3. Loading the transformed
data into a dimensional database )
6. Reporting 1. Building pre-calculated summary values to speed up report
generation 2. Building (or purchasing) a front-end reporting tool


  • Oct 22nd, 2009

System Requirement Gathering
Selecting Tool.
Data Modeling and design
ETL Process
OLAP Cube Design
Front End Development
Performance Tuning
User Acceptance Test ( UAT )
Rolling out to Production
Production Maintenance


  • Aug 19th, 2011

We can create the dwh in two ways i.e
1. top down approach
2.bottom up approach

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Ravi Teja N

  • Sep 16th, 2011

The steps used to develop a DWH are

1. Gathers Operational Source System
2. Data Staging Area
3. Data presentation Area
4. Data Access Tool

Lets have a detailed information about each stage:

Operational Source system:
It is nothing but getting the data from the different data sources like Oracle,MS-SQL,DB2,Teradata so on
Then moving the data to next stage i.e., Data Staging Area.One thing to remember is we take Transactional Data.

Data Staging Area:

This is one of the important step in designing the good Data Warehouse system.This is step is nothing but ETL development i.e., Extraction Transformation and Loading.Here the Data is Extracted and by using the transformations we convert this data to normalized form.The normalized format is not so good for understanding purpose.So we go for Data Presentation Area.

Data Presentation Area:

Here we convert the Normalized model to Dimensional model where the user can understand very easily.Here the data will be in data marts. By combining the data marts we can have a Data Warehouse.

Data Access Tool:

Here, the user can make decisions by Data Warehouse using tools like BO,MS-BI so on.

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