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What are the steps to create a child domain in windows 2003 advance server

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  • Jan 12th, 2009

You can create a new child domain under Windows Server 2003 using the steps

1. On the member server, you want to turn into a domain controller, click
Start, and click Run and launch the Active Directory Installation Wizard. Click
next and next again and Select Domain controller for a new domain. Click next.
Select Child domain in an existing domain tree. Click Next.

2. Type in the appropriate network credentials. Click next and then type the
domain name of the parent domain. Then type in the new name of the child domain.
Click Next.

3. Click Next to accept the default settings. Select the permission level you
want to use then type in a password for the Directory Services Restore Mode
Administrator Password. Click Next. From the Summary dialog box, click next.
Click Finish.

Click Restart Now.

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