Implicit Requirements

What are Implicit Requirements? How Do we Gather Implicit Requirements? We can Explict Requirements from Clients but how do we gather Implicit Requirments?

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  • Feb 26th, 2012

Explicit requirements mean users requirements.
Requirements are of 2types.
To improve the quality of the application without affecting any functionalites,Bussiness Analyst add some requirements. These requirements are called as Implicit requirements.
ex of implicit
There is a login screen,where userid,password fields and login,clear and cancel buttons are available.

1> whenever login screen is invoked,cursor should be available inthe userid field.
2> upon entering valid user name and invalid password ,itmust displayed following error message"please enter valid password".
3> upon entering invalid user name and valid password ,itmust displayed following error message"please enter valid userid".
4> upon entering invalid user name and invalid password ,itmust displayed following error message"please enter valid userid and password".

Thank You ,Please correct if I wrong.

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A software engineer should be able to determine potential problems or risks. So this is implicit requirement. A software engineer needs to implicitly understand "how the system is designed?" to know the system properly and to make the system work in a very efficient manner by identifying risks.

Implicit requirements are gathered from experience and proper understanding of the application.

Clients provide us only with the explicit requirements in the form of documents. But it is the responsibility of the software engineers to identify the potential problems which clients obviously always cant. Here where experience of software engineers and complete understanding of the system comes into play.


Sukanya Waghmare

  • Mar 15th, 2012

For example the explicit requirement of the client is the saving account should be opened by managers and to open one reference is necessary.

In this the implicit requirement is the Referrer should hold the account of same bank so implicit requirement are those requirement with are not direct requirement but the Business analyst must have the skill to retrieve the logical requirement from it.

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  • Jun 5th, 2012

Implicit requirement:the requirements that are added or analyzed by the business analyst which will increase the value of the application with out disturbing the original customer requirement is called implicit requirement.Explicit is special requirements given by customer .

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  • Jul 2nd, 2015

Explicit requirements are the requirements expressed by the Business users where as the Explicit requirements are hidden and it should be self analyzed the implicit requirements that would lead to explicit requirements. Business Analyst and System analyst is responsible to certain the implicit requirements. This usually happens in elicitation process.

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