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BASIC Transformer and NORMAL Transformer

What is the Exact difference between BASIC Transformer and NORMAL Transformer?When we will go for BASIC Or NORMAL Transformer?
Asked by: Suri123 | Member Since May-2008 | Asked on: May 16th, 2008

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Answered On : Sep 19th, 2008

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The basic transformer stage is similar in appearance and function to the Normal Transformer Stage. Basic transformer stage can only be used for SMP(Symmetric Multiprocessors) systems and not for MPP(Massively Parellel Processing) system or clusters systems.

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Answered On : Mar 19th, 2010

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Difference: - A Basic transformer compiles in "Basic Language" whereas a Normal Transformer compiles in "C++".- Basic transformer does not run on multiple nodes wheras a Normal Transformer can run on multiple nodes giving better performance.- Basic transfomer takes less time to compile than the Normal Transformer.Usage :- A basic transformer should be used in Server Jobs.- Normal Transformer should be used in Parallel jobs as it will run on multiple nodes here giving better performance.

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