Interrupt "trap" what is this trap?

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  • Feb 16th, 2008

There are two hinderances to a process. Interrupt and trap.
Interrupt is when the process needs some I/O services whereas trap occurs due to some fault or exception in the code.

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A trap is a software-generated interrupt, An interrupt is a
hardware-generated change-of-flow within the system. An interrupt handler is
summoned to deal with the cause of the interrupt; control is then returned to
the interrupted context and instruction. A trap can be used to call operating
system routines or to catch arithmetic errors.

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A Trap is a Software generated interrupt. A Trap is set to have occured when some exceptions occurs like - a process accessing a memory address outside it's address space would result in a trap which is handled by the OS.

Generally a System architecture has a limited number of interrupts that can occur within that particular system,  So a table of pointers called a interrupt vector table is genearally maintained in the low memory area which can we used to call the appropriate interrupt service routine.

Interrupts can be either hardware or software genearated.

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