Tier 3 Microsoft Support Engineer Interview

I just got out of a panel interview at Microsoft. There were three interviewers and me the interviewee.

Two of the individuals asked the bulk of the questions and the other took notes.
I noticed a distinctive style to each interviewers roles for the interview.
One person asked fairly easy straight-forward technique and process questions.
The other would ask troubleshooting scenario questions.
For example, you have a user that reports being unable to run the Intranet application you support, what do you do?
I have been working with intranet enterprise applications in support roles for over 7 years and think I have a pretty good understanding of the technologies involved and how to isolate and determine root cause of issues.
However, as I described my processes he would interrupt me along the way and add additional symptoms, but he would do this like he was intentionally trying to sabotage and undermine my processes I had described already.
Like he was not hearing what I was saying. I have heard the term randomizing a person many times at Microsoft.

I think this is what he was trying to do, to see were my frustration level was and how I would handle it. The person that did not ask very many questions apologized to me as she was walking me out from the interview stating they were just trying to determine where my pain point is.
Has anyone run across this type interview technique before? Is there a name for it? I find the tactic pretty distasteful and I got a job offer today in a different position today. I am taking the offer because I would not work with that group even if offered the position.

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