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What is fan trap? How do you find out? How do you resolve that loop?
What is chasm trap? How do you find out? How do you resolve that loop?
How you provide security for reports?
Whenever you open a report it refresh automatically? How do set this.
Can you use different database for different universes?
What are the types of universes?

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Yes, we can use different databases for different universes. BOXI R2 supports all RDBMS databases like Oracle, MSSQL 200/2005, DB2, MS Access..etc.Regards,Ravi Kumar

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Answered On : Mar 19th, 2009

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A fan trap is a many-to-many relationship between two fact tables, bridged by a dimension.

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Answered On : May 9th, 2012

Fan trap: one of the schema-tables in your physical realization via an rdbms has a 1:many relationship between two slave-tables but there is no path between the two slave tables! So we are clueless about the fk between them and the cardinality of the join is undefined leaving you powerless to query the data between the two slave tables

Chasm trap is a many-to-many join between two tables and requires a bridge table to resolve the context of the join.example:one product has one or many customer-orders and one customer has zero or many order-cancellations& returns

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