What are the roles of Quality Assurance?

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  • Jun 8th, 2008

QA people roles will be do the auditing to make sure that in testing, everything has happened as expected (proper documents created, have been they tracked in exact time, are all the documents stored in share path?....etc) so that they are making sure about the process which delivers the quality products.

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  • Aug 24th, 2009

The following is the role of QA:-
1. To produce a quality product,
2. Which is reasonabily bug free,
3. Which meets customers requirements,
4. Best fit in cost and time and makes sure that correct process are followed,
5. And easy to maintain.

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The roles of Quality Assurance are:

1) To help key stakeholders understand the quality of their products and services so they can make informed business decisions about them.
2) To help improve the quality of products and services.
3) To verify products and services meet requirements.
4) To find and report defects.
5) To add value in the most cost-effective manner possible.
6) To establish processes that promote continual quality improvement.
7) To ensure adherence to quality standards. 

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