How to Test a White Paper?

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  • Jun 16th, 2008

white paper should not be of an other colour.
so test should be done for each and every colour ....means is the paper is red the the result should be fail

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you can test it for its degree of  whiteness, (means how bright white it should be), you can test it for any unwanted marks on it, for its thickness,for its size, for its shape and also for its weight,  for ability to write on it with different writing instruments like ball pen,pencil, inkpen and paint brush, for ability to print on it, for ability to erase the written text on it with an eraser without damaging the its surface, and so on.

This question may be asked to asses how good you are in imagining the possibilites to test any product which is given to you.

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Test Case for White Paper

1.Check it is unruled
2.Check whether nothing has been written on to it
3.Check whether it is pure white
4.Check whether it is not dared inside in any corner
5.Check it is ready to write
6.Check both sides are empty
7.Check it is not in wet condition
8.Check it is very neat

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1) Study the requirements for the product and determine what it is to be used for
2) Author test cases that will allow you to fully test each and every requirement
3) Map test cases to requirements
4) Prioritize the test cases
5) Execute the test cases

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  • Jan 24th, 2010

1 ) Check the size of the paper whether it is according to the requirements. eg: A4 , full scape.

2 ) Check the quality of the paper
3 ) Check whether we can write with ink pen, ball pen, pencil, etc
4 ) Chk the paper is not crushed or it is not in wet condition. 
5 ) Chk whether it is not written on both the sides.

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