What difference do you find while posting bugs through bugzilla and excel sheet?

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  • Oct 23rd, 2007

Posting bugs through excel sheet can be helpful to check for reference in the future about bugs found for a particular build.
As per my knowledge hardly any company would use excel sheet for tracking the bug.
In a bug life cycle, bug's state would be changed various times at different stages.. all these can be tracked effectively and efficient only by using a Bug tracking tool.(Eg: Bugzilla)

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I didn't used much bugzilla but it's not good in terms of look and feel, so we have rejected this tool for our project, we still used Excel sheet for defect tracking, it's very flexible to see the issues status wise, easy to update, easy to log and easy to generate the reports.

  But only thing is version problem, if at all any person changed the status of one issue it could be difficult to found when it was change if we dont aware of the status.



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Difference is

Bugzilla is MUCH MUCH more easier tool to keep track of the bug life.
like consider if a bug in bugzilla as well as in an excel sheet.
-in bugzilla its a NEW bug. & excel has only a entry.
In bugzilla , u can see the status & comments by the developer & tester like a conversation & can understand the course of the bug from NEW to VERIFIED to CLOSED.
But the same if wanted in excel sheet , it is a very tedious process to keep all updates of the bug or all bugs in one sheet.(or keep updating a new sheet every day to keep track)

ask in reply if more explanation is needed on this !! :)

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Bugzilla is a web-based distributed defect management system.  It stores the contents of defect reports in a centralized database thereby allowing users to find valuable information with little effort.  The closest a spreadsheet solution can get to this kind of access and instant data retrieval is to place it on a share.  Even if this were done, it would still be much more difficult to find the information you are looking for. 

Bugzilla provides greater structure, speed and scalability than a spreadsheet.  Imagine using numerous spreadsheets (or a single centrally-located spreadsheet) to manage defects for an extremely large project distributed across numerous testers and to be delivered to numerous stakeholders (developers, business analyst, project manager, etc).  The larger the project, the more likely you will want to use a defect management system like Bugzilla rather than spreadsheet(s). 

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