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Like 6 cubes are arranged adjacently and given the perimeter and asked to find the perimeter of one cube.

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 29th, 2003
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Answered On : Dec 30th, 2005

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6 cubes r adjacentlet total perimeter be P(given), x = side of a cube4*6x + 8x = Px = P/32;Peri of 1 cube = 12*x = 3P/8

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Answered On : Jun 19th, 2007

If perimeter does not refer to surface area, then given a perimeter P for all cubes the perimeter of a single cube would be :(4*P)/14 since the perimeter of 6 cubes would be equal to 14 cube side lengths.  A single cube has a perimeter of 4 cube side length of a cube side would be given by P/14 and perimeter of a single cube would be 4 times this

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Answered On : Jul 24th, 2007

The ans is p/(5*2 +4*4)=size of one facewhere 4 middle cubes 4 faces and 2 side cubes 5 faces involved in perimeter calculation..Now perimeter of a cube =6*size of a face.

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