What are the elements of a QC plan?

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  • Jul 9th, 2007

From my guess, all the elements that will be present in testplan. Such as summary, documentation,type of testing to be done, risks and assumptions, duration of test, developer contact info, ....

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The answer to this question depends on industry, company and/or project.  In our software company, the closest thing to a Quality Control plan are our Test Standards and Test Plans. 

The elements of our Test Plans are:

1) Introduction
- Purpose
- Product description
- System architecture
2) Scope
- Test coverage
- Features to be tested (in scope)
- Features not to be tested (out of scope)
- Compatibility matrix
3) Test strategy
- Test objectives
- Test approach
- Test environment
- System dependencies
- Test tools
- Assumptions
- Risks
4) Process
- Test process and guidelines
- Priority and Severity defined
- Pass/fail criteria
- Test entry/exit criteria
- Test resources
- Deliverables required for testing
- Roles and responsibilities
- Approvals and sign off


  • Oct 21st, 2011

Quality assurance (QA) is about setting standards and protocols in place for testers (QC) to follow those standards and protocols while performing testing.

Quality control (QC) refers to testing product and making sure the product adheres to certain quality standards set by the QA.

Thats why we have QA Analyst and testers. Most often both do the same job but QA Analysts analyses the company's IT quality program and set certain standard to cover gaps in quality.

Now when you apply that concept to IT, QC = actual testing then QC plan = test plan. If you know the elements of test plan congratulations you have just answered your question.

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  • Nov 26th, 2015

Fishbone Diagram
Scatter Diagram
Pareto Chart

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