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How to prevent Dead Lock?

Using synchronization mechanism.
For Deadlock avoidance use Simplest algorithm where each process tells max number of resources it will ever need. As process runs, it requests resources but never exceeds max number of resources. System schedules processes and allocates resoures in a way that ensures that no deadlock results.
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Dec 18th, 2003
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Answered On : Jan 21st, 2006

dead lock occurs due to synchronization mechanism so to prevent dead lock we need to violate one of the following preemption3.circular wait4.hold and wait

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Answered On : Mar 31st, 2007

Because threads can become blocked and because objects can have synchronized methods that prevent threads from accessing that object until the synchronization lock is released, it's possible for one thread to get stuck waiting for another thread, which in turn waits for another thread, etc., until the chain leads back to a thread waiting on the first one. You get a continuous loop of threads waiting on each other, and no one can move. This is called deadlock

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