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Draw and explain MVC architecture?

MVC Architecture is Module ViewController Architecture. Controller is the one which controls the flow of application / services the requests from the View.
Module is the other layer which performs the exact operations. Each layer should be loosely coupled as much as possible.
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Aug 5th, 2005
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Answered On : Aug 5th, 2005

Its Model View Controller - Where in the responsibilities are clearly seperated among differant layers. Model takes care of the bussiness logic and data. View takes care of the presentation logic, usually HTML and JSP. and controller controls and co-ordinates the various actions.

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Sreenivasa Reddy Edara

Answered On : Sep 19th, 2005

MVC Architecture is Model, View and Controller. Generally we can use in J2EE application View as JSP, Controller as Servlet and Model as Java Bean. For further details plz go through java.sun.comThanks,Sreenu

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kalyani Suda

Answered On : Oct 13th, 2006

MVC architecture is all about dividing application components into three categories. Model, view, Controller. components of the mvc architecture has unique responsibility and each component is independent of the other component. changes in one component will have no or less impact on other component.Model: model is responsible for providing the data from the database and saving the data into the data store. all the business logic are implemented in the model. data entered by the user through view are check in the model before saving into the database. Data Access, Data Validation and the data saving logic are part of the Model.View: it represents the user view of the application and is responsible for taking the input from the user, dispatching the requests to the controller and then receiving response from the controller and displaying the result to the user HTML, JSPs, Custom tag libraries and resource files are the part of the view component.Controller: it is intermidiary between model and view. controller is responsible for receiving the request from client. once request is received from client it executes the appropriate business logic from the model and then produce the output to the user using the view component. Action Servlet, Action, Action Form and struts-config.xml are the part of controller.

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