The project had a very high cost of testing. After going in detail, someone found out that the testers are spending their time on software that doesn’t have too many defects. How will you make sure that this is correct?

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  • Oct 18th, 2007

May be we can have a look at the number of bugs logged for that against the numbers of scripts being executed. If the number of scripts being executed is relatively more, then we can say that time is being wasted on a software that doesnt have too many defects

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First of all this would not have happened if the defect/functionality has been monitered. On the high costing test projects it is advisable to do Risk based testing than testing everything. Find out the high risk areas and test them first.

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First of all there is no guaranty that we must found the issues in all cases, if there is no defects how can a tester can found? does he able to create the issues?? absolutey no..  So what i mean to say is if the application does or doesn't have the issues the entire testing has to be take place.


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I would ask a lot of questions:

1) Who was the person that discovered and reported this condition?

2) What is meant by "a very high cost of testing"?  Does this mean the cost of testing was not warranted due to the organization's perceived value of the application? 

3) What methodology was used to determine that "testers were spending their time on software that doesn't have too many defects?"

4) What is meant by the term "too many"? 

5) How critical were the defects that were found?

6) How does this person know that the areas in questions were fully tested?

Based on answers to these questions, I would conduct my own research into the issue.  My activities may include:

1) Examining the defect management system to determine all requirements are fully covered by test cases.

2) Determining how many and the nature of defects that were reported against the software in question.

3) Determining whether any production issues have been reported.  If so, I would study the number and nature of these issues.

4) Discussing the costs of testing with expert and concerned members of the business sector to determine whether the costs are truly warranted or not.   

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