What is the difference between DATA VALIDITY and DATA INTEGRITY?

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Data IntegrityImportant data stored in the database include the catalog, pricing, shipping tables, tax tables, order database, and customer information. Testing must verify the correctness of the stored data. Therefore, testing should be performed on a regular basis because data changes over time. Examples of data integrity tests·                       Test the creation, modification, and deletion of data in tables as specified in the functionality. ·                       Test to make sure that sets of radio buttons represent a fixed set of values. Check what happens when a blank value is retrieved from the database. ·                       Test that when a particular set of data is saved to the database, each value gets saved fully. In other words, the truncation of strings and rounding of numeric value does not occur. ·                       Test whether default values are saved in the database if the user input is not specified. ·                       Test the compatibility with old data. In addition, old hardware, versions of the operating system, and interfaces with other software need to be tested. Data Validity Errors caused due to incorrect data entry, called data validity errors, are probably the most common data-related errors. These errors are also the most difficult to detect in the system. These errors are typically caused when a large volume of data is entered in a short time frame. For example, $67 can be entered as $76 by mistake. The data entered is therefore invalid. You can reduce data validity errors. Use the data validation rules in the data fields. For example, the date field in a database uses the MM/DD/YYYY format. A developer can incorporate a data validation rule, such that MM does not exceed 12, DD does not exceed 31.In many cases, simple field validation rules are unable to detect data validity errors. Here, queries can be used to validate data fields. For example, a query can be written to compare the sum of the numbers in the database data field with the original sum of numbers from the source. A difference between the figures indicates an error in at least one data element.

The difference between data validity and data integrity is simply this:  Data validity deals with data that is input into a system (ex. a database) while data integrity deals with the maintenance of that data once it has been entered into the system.  For example, a program that validates data to ensure it is in a proper format to be useful to the program is an aspect of data validity.  Measures to prevent data corruption is an aspect of data integrity. 

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