What is slicing and dicing? Explain with real time usage and business reasons of it's use

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  • May 2nd, 2007


Slicing and Dicing is a feature that helps us in seeing the more detailed information about a particular thing.

For eg: You have a report which shows the quarterly based performance of a particular product. But you want to see it in a monthly wise. So you can use slicing and dicing technique to drill down to monthly level.

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  • Dec 17th, 2008

The ability to move between different combinations of dimensions when viewing data with an OLAP browser/Report Browser.

Multidimensional analysis tools organize the data in two primary ways: in multiple dimensions and in hierarchies.

Slicing and dicing refers to the ability to combine and re-combine the dimensions to see different slices of the information. Picture slicing a three-dimensional cube of information, in order to see what values are contained in the middle layer. Slicing and dicing a cube allows an end-user to do the same thing with multiple dimensions.
For eg, If one User at Executive lavel is looking sales on Contry lavel, some other may want that same data but on city lavel for a perticular country.
So in this case slice n dice provides the option of just changing the dimensions from "Country" to "City", rest remains the same.

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