Hi, Good Day. In an very recent interviews, I was asked this question?1)How do you measure quality?2)Do you follow any process and what is that?3) By knowing a functionality How will you decide as to how many test cases you have to write for that functionality.Kindly explain.ThanksBalakrishnan

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  • Apr 12th, 2007

May be this question is asked regarding testing interview .
Processes means we follow certain standard procedures to do a work.
Making understanding documents , templates are processes

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  • Sep 11th, 2007

Measuring Quality is done thru getting Feedback from customers, Having Survey form with 3scale index  to measure quality

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Well, althogh he was asking about ur background but here r the answers.

There are loads of ways to measure quality. Six-Sigma is one of them. Which is about calculating the number of opportunities and then measure the faults n then............... its a long concept. You can search over it.
Another way is test cases. lets say you have extracted 100 test cases and 80 are passed and 20 failed. So, this way you have achieved 80% quality. Not to forget, quality is a relative term. So its measurement is also relative.

2) The process has already been discussed above. You draw scenarios and then extract test cases... this is your process. The process depends upon the approach, the QMS model you follow.

Number of test cases can be estimated if you have the functionality points in hand. You can also estimate on the basis of RS - but for sure, you must have historical data. And this data is not easily available. This data must be of similar projects, precise and accurate, satistical, and must have followed similar approach or quality model.

anything else? :P let me know.

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Quality is the absense of waste.  Waste is any process or action that increases costs but doesn't provide an economic return.  Testing and fixing defects is a good example of waste, unless someone has found a market for software defects.

Since waste is measurable in $, then quality is also expressable in monitary terms.  You can measure quality in dollars and it is not very difficult.  The most difficult thing to do is to get agreement on what constitutes waste.  Normally any rework, including retesting of repairs is considered waste. 

The second question is for you to answer as it was about your experience.
The third question is far to vague to be answered.

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Quality is "Fitness for Use"
If the Customer is happy with a product, then we can say it has good Quality. At the same time "Price" is also an important factor.Quality is related to price.For example the surface finish required for a Gear wheel of a sugar cane juice producing machine and that of a car cannot be compared.Both are of good quality as the purpose is met.But the same metod of measurement cannot be applied!!

Hence measuring quality is very difficult.Quality can better be compared with a masterpiece and judged.

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  • Jan 31st, 2009

Quality can be measured by various metrics in the projects. you have Code Coverage metrics to measure how much of code is getting tested with your test cases.

Test reports indicating the number of bugs detected along with test coverage indicates a measure of quality.

The biggest measure of quality comes directly from customer feedback and satisfaction, because a defect basically is defined by not meeting the customer requirement / expectation.

On the metrics from customer there is a measure of Field Error Rate which details how many bugs found when the product is installed on the field after being delivered to customer. The lower the field error rate the better the quality. Organizations have s standard of 0.15 defects per KLOC of code written.

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1) The quality of a software product is measured in a number of ways and the method really depends on the aspect of quality you wish to measure.  Nevertheless, if you want to measure the quality of software after it has been released to production, you can a) systematically record the number and nature of defects that were discovered by customers over a particular period of time, b) categorize the types of defects that occurred, and c) classify them by severity.  Once you've done this for one product, it serves as a baseline for comparison when the next product is released.  Of course, this is just one of numerous examples.

2) Again, the answer to this question depends on what it is I am measuring.  I generally follow whatever process makes sense at the time among all of my options.

3) As long as your test cases verify that the functionality fully satisfies its requirements, then you have written an appropriate number of test cases.   

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