What are the relations and differences between testing and debugging?

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Jaideep singh

  • Mar 27th, 2007

Testing: Testing is a verification & validation of any project.

Debugging: Debugging is serching the error in unit testing & Execute the project & dubugg the error.

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bunty prakash

  • Aug 11th, 2007

Difference:Testing is a way to find the defects in the application Debugging is a way to eliminate the defect from application Simmilarity Testing and debugging are always used to make a good quality product.

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From a test point of view...

Debugging is the process of finding any bugs or miss-outs in the test scripts created by the test engineer in his/her test scripts....

Where as testing is the process of finding the difference in the application when compared to the functional specifications of the product/project.

Narin Kamuni

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Testing : is done by testers, and they will test the application with an
intention of breaking it

Debugging : is done by Developers, in order to make sure that the code they
had written was same as it is intended, so for the sake they will use break
points and execute the code statement after statement in order to see the coded
statements and their flow.

Whenever tester raise a defect, developers tries to debug the defect by going
to statements after statement in order to find the cause of defect.

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Debugging is the methodical process of exercising and examining the behavior of predetermined portions of a computer program's sourcecode in order to isolate and repair defects.  This task is typically performed by a developer.   

Testing is the methodical process of exercising and examining the functional behavior of a program in order to discover and and report defects.  This task is performed by testers.

These tasks differ in that debugging takes place on the sourcecode before it is compiled to a single executable while testing takes place on the program after the sourcecode is compiled to its executable.

These tasks are similar in that they are both focused on improving the quality of the software.

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