Q. Calculator performs this operation 1*1=2, 2*2=4, 3*3=10, 4*4=16, 5*5=26Identify the bug and write bug title and description.

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vikram prakash

  • Feb 17th, 2007

in this operation, when calculator takes odd number then it gives wrong output. it adds one in actual value and then returns output. when it takes even number then it gives right output..

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  • Mar 9th, 2007


Bug Title:  arithmetic miscalculation-multiplication
Description: bug is multiplication miscalculation. for odd numbers, multiplication not reaches the actual result we want,as well as expected result. 1*1=1 , 3*3=9,5*5=25. but for even numbers reaches the expected result we want.


  • Mar 21st, 2007

Bug Title: Multiplication Error

Description: The odd number when multiplied gives the wrong output. The even number when multiplied gives the correct output.

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  • Mar 24th, 2007

Bug :

When the given two inputs are even, the expected result and actual result tally,
but when the given two inputs are odd, the result goes wrong.
Problem exits with business logic.


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Odd numbers when multiplied by itself produces the answer as : Square of the number + 1.
Even numbers when multiplied by itself produces the correct results.

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Calculator performs multiplication errors when odd numbers are multiplied with themselves (ex: 5 * 5); one is always added to the result (ex: 5 * 5 = 26).

The following problem was discovered in the calculator's multiplication function: 

When multiplying odd numbers with themselves, the result is always one number greater than it should be.  Only odd numbers 1 through 5 were tested.  Though not verified, it is assumed that the behavior exists for all odd numbers that are multiplied with themselves.  Even numbers 2 and 4 were tested and these operations produced correct results.


Operation   Actual Result   Expected Result
1 * 1              2                    1
3 * 3            10                    9
5 * 5            26                   25

As mentioned above, even numbers produce proper results.

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Bug Summary:

Calculator: Multiplication Operation: When an odd number is multiplied by itself, actual result is incremented by 1 than the expected result

Description: When odd numbers are squared (means multiplying by itself) actual result is incremented by 1 than the expected result. This error is only observed when odd numbers are squared. Correct result is received when even numbers are squared.
For example: 1*1 results in 2, 3*3 results in 10 and so on...

Expected Result: Multiplying an odd number by itself should yeild correct results

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