What are the risks involved in testing?

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  • Feb 15th, 2007

When you do risk analysis in testing, there are two key activities, one is software risk analysis, and the other is the analysis of planning risks and contingencies.

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  • Mar 14th, 2007

The following are the major risks involved in Software Testing.

1) Unclear or ambiguous Requirements

2) Lack of time

3) Lack of Resources (SW,HW and Human)

4) Lack of Documents(BRS,SRS or Use Cases)

5) Lack of knowledge on project domain.

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Following are the risks involved in the testing phase
1)Lack of Documentation
2)Lack of understanding functionality of the module
3)Lack of communication between testers and devlopers
4)Lack of time
5)Lack of resources
6)lack of proper testing environment

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A test team faces these potential risks:
1) Lack of support from upper management
2) Company-wide lack of adherence to quality standards (ex: test entry and exit criteria)
3) No documentation; inaccurate or incomplete documentation (BRD, Spec, etc)
4) Deliverables are not on schedule
5) Deliverables are of exceptionally poor quality
6) Software delivered to test team with an unanticipated high number of defects
7) Software requirements undergo major changes throughout testing
8) No test environment; improper test environment
9) No test tools; improper test tools
10) Test team's lack of technical expertise; inaccurate knowledge
11) Test team's lack of focus and accountability
12) Lack of test resources (testers)
13) Lack of communication between crucial stakeholders; unresponsiveness; untimely responses

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