How is requirement analysis done by business analyst?

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  • Feb 12th, 2007

Requirement session is usually done through JAD session. Business Folks and Major sponsors are always there along with Some technical folks. Business analyst then goes through each requirement and asks for the feed back. If Business Sponsors and Technical Folks think that all the requirements are according to the business and wont be a barrier to existing system. They get the official signoff on Business Requirement document. IT manager and Business manager both do the signoff on that business requirement document.


  • Feb 19th, 2007

Make sure the Product Manager reviews the chartering information to ensure full understanding.

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  • May 15th, 2010

The business analyst should do some research on the problem before jumping to requirement analysis. Then with proper homework (like his initial understanding of the problem, questions, if anything is already available in the system and people are not able to make it etc) he/ she should organize discussion (JAR) sessions. JAR session typical should inlcude business users, important business stakeholders, technology team respresentitive (may be architect, tech lead). BA should set a context of each JAR session viz should divide the total problem area into segment and attack each segment at a time sequentially. User should be listened carefully initially without a prejudice. problem state should be depicted by BA diagrams to present eaiser understanding to user team and technology team. Organized brainstorming should be conducted by BA. After proper question-answer, brainstorming (what typically hapens in a JAR session) requirements should be layout. Technology teams give their input for the feasibility of the requirements, BA and tech team study together whether duplicate requirements are stated because of lack of understanding e.g. different users may percieve same thing differently and so state as different problem. When ambiguity is removed, clear and feasible requirement is layed out considering the time frame of delivery, BA should take sign of from user team, business team and technology team of the requirement document.

This process is from my experience. Hope this helps!


  • Jul 31st, 2010

Business analyst can do requirement analysis through various techniques such as interview, brain storming, JAD session. JAD session is excellent way to collect high quality requirements under one roof using facilitated workshop.


  • Jul 23rd, 2012

requirement analysis can be done by different techniques such as questioning and interviewing,requirements workshop,brainstorming and idea reduction,storyboards,role play so on ..........

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