What is scenario?Give a simle example of scenario for sending a mail?

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hi jain,
            scenario is the testable object in the form or application.
if u consider the sending mail form.it has many scenarios like. checking the links navigation.send  option is working or  not and many  more.
 as of my knowlegde  we can draw 30 to 40  scenarios from that page.
plz ignore this if i am wrong and intimate me.
Naresh Reddy,

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Sourav Muduli

  • Jan 22nd, 2007


Scenario is nothing, its a document which is defined the high level functionality of an application. Basically in a enhance project there is existing application. Customer requirement is to add some new feature in that application. some the requirement is not clear ao sometimes requirement would be ambigious. Test scenario does clear about requirement. we can develop the test cases systemetic under the every scenario individually.  

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Scenario is a situation....

Scenarios for sending a mail can be as follows...

  • Sending a mail without giving any mailing address
  • Sending a mail with correct mail address
  • Sending a mail without subject line
  • Sendng a mail without any content..
That's all I can think for now... we can add more if we start thinking.


Test Scenario is a set of events with end to end transactions for a business
point of view.
Test Scenario is a series of events that are associated together.
I cannot say my definition is right but below example might helpful to you.
If you want to open 3 accounts for 3 persons in a bank with some money for some
durations, like
Age 3 with 1 lack for 35 years duration,
Age 30 with 5 lacs for 10 years duration,
75 with 10 lacs for 3 years duration.
Interest calculations for these 3 persons will be different, because of their
age groups, amount of deposit and duration, so with testing perspective these
are 3 different scenarios for opening an account
And as others said that Scenario is different from Test cases as test case may
consist of 5 to 10 steps as it is concerned with a small functionality but
whereas scenario might consists of 50 steps or more

A scenario is a set of user actions that accomplishes a task.  Many requirements for software applications are written as scenarios. 

Several examples of scenarios pertaining to sending a mail (a physical letter) are:
1) Send a letter with proper address, return address and stamp and verify it is successfully delivered to proper destination.
2) Send a letter with improper mailing address and verify it is returned to sender.
3) Send a letter without stamp and verify it is returned to sender.
4) Send a letter that requires more postage and verify it is returned to sender.
5) Send a letter with slight mistake on return address that must be returned to sender and verify that the post office can still return it to the sender.

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