Suppose that you are running tests on the windows calculators and find that 1/1=2,2/2=1,3/3=10,4/4=1,5/5=26&6/6=1..write a bug description that effectively describes this problem...iits urgent

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  • Nov 15th, 2006

The division operation is not performed properly.

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  • Nov 16th, 2006

Division operation is not performed properly for odd numbers.


  • Nov 16th, 2006

Title: Dividing two odd numbers gives an answer that's one too much
        Test Case: Simple division
        Setup steps: Start version 1.0 of calculator
        Repro steps:Try dividing two odd numbers such as 1/1,3/3,and 5/5
        Excepted Results:Correct answer for all calculations--1/1=1,3/3=1?..
        Actual Results: For two odd numbers, the answer is one too high---   1/1=2,3/3=10,5/5=11, and so on.

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Vibhav Srivastava

  • Nov 16th, 2006

Defect Title: Dividing two odd numbers gives Wrong answer

Defect Description: dividing two odd numbers such as 1/1,3/3,and 5/5 gives wrong Result.

when we tries to Devide a ODD number with itself it gives Result as square of the Number + 1.

Example for 5: 5/5= Result: 5*5+1= 26

Similarly For 3: 3/3 = Result: 3*3+1= 10

and So on...

Excepted Results:Correct answer for all calculations--1/1=1,3/3=1, 5/5=1 and So on

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  • Nov 27th, 2006

Bug ID_1 : CL

Module : Division

Short Description : Division Operation is not performed properly

Long Description :  Press number 5 and click the divide button and press another number 5 and press = button.Instead of displaying 1 it is displaying 26.

Pre-Requiste Condition : Press 5 / 5

Actual Result : 26

Expected Result : 1

Status : Open

Seviority : High

Priority : Major

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The Defect Profile for the above case is as afollows.

Defect ID: XYZ-01

Test Case ID: ABC-01

Screen Name: Calliculator

Test Case Name: Checking Division Operator

Bug Description: The division operator for ODD numbers not working Properly.

Steps To Reproduce:

1.Go to Run in START menu & click RUN

2. Type calc and click OK.

3. Use division  operator for different data.(1/1,3/3..etc)

With Regards


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Date: 18/12/2006

Last Updated:Srini

Last Updated Date:18/21/2006


Feature/Requirement/Use Case ID and Description:

Feature: Team Content - Security.

Use Cases:


Description of test case:


To check the division of the Two number in Calculator




?         Calculator is installed in the system



All prerequisites are met.





Go to start menu in the window menu bar.

A Dropdown list should be displayed with list of available options.



Navigate Programs->Accessories-> and click on the Calculator option

The Calculator should be opened with defiantly displayed with 0 in the calculator display screen.



Use division operator (/) for giving different data.


Ex:- 1/1,3/3

System should display the result(1) in the calc display screen.


Click on the Close(X) option in the Calc.

The Calc should be closed.

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  • Jan 8th, 2007

They have asked only for the bug description so try to answer only that part without writing the test cases & all,
BUG Des would be - Result nt accurate for same numbers in numerator & in denominator.
along with this try to explain with the example thy have given., & if necessary take a screen shot, & post the issue..

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  • Feb 9th, 2007

HITest Case ID:TC_CAL_1Description:Checking the odd number division funcationality.Steps To Reproduce: 1.Click on start button.2.Select & Click on Run option3.Type Calc in the open list box of RUN window & click on OK button.4.Click on ODD number5.Click on Division on ODD number7.Click on Equal to operatorSeverity: HighPriority: HighRaised Date: DateAssigned To: DeveloperRaised By: Test EngineerStatus From Testing : openStatus FromDev Team: Accept/RejectRemarks From TestingTeam: Etc:Expected result and actual result: user knowsThis is the way to raise the defect.

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Pankaj Bishnoi

  • Feb 23rd, 2007

The scenario goes like following:

For Odd numbers

The division produces a result which is equal to the square of numerator or denominator +1 like 1/1=2 goes like sqr(1)+1 which will give answer 2

For Even numbers:

The division will always give result as 1

i hope this will answer this query

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  • Mar 13th, 2007

Bug Desc would be :Results are not accurate for division of same number of numerator & denominator of odd numbers.Expected: (Odd no./same no.)=1.Actual result different from expected result.Take a print screen /snapshot & post the issue.

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Hi Srinivasulu.Chittoor, Thanks for the details.However, I am a suggesttion. In the test cases, you can combine test case 2 & 3 to one test case which will finish with the opening of the Calculator from the start menu.This kind of test case writting makes the test case document compact and precise.Thanks, Rubul Sarma

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The output will be always one when a number is divided by itself.
It is giving correct output when the no is even i.e when the no is divisible by 2.
But when the no is odd it is squaring the no and increasing it by 1.Ex--3*3+1=10

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  • Jan 9th, 2011

(x/x) operation
where x = Positive odd integer
uses the formula ((x*x)+1) instead of integer division.
The (x/x) operation works fine for even numbers.

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