If network is down in your company or server down .how will u do testing?

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  • Nov 13th, 2006

If u are testing a server based or web based testing you can't go further with out network or server down. because you can't access them and the data will be stored in server. if it is a client based and data backup is on your PC u can do testing connecting to ur data base. If power is not there, Ummm i don't what can v do.

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It depends on kind of application and the type of testing that i do , i mean a stand alone doesnt need network .. hehe. If its a web based application and the kind of testing is a performance test, still i cannot do it without network. But I would be interested to do a GUI test (just to save my time) or a test to see how my application reacts when the network is down. <-- this answer will be expected by the interviewer. I am sure..

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  • Feb 14th, 2007

Preferably u can do the static testing.

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What is meant by 'do testing'?  If the network is down and test case execution requires the network, testers can perform test activities on future projects during this down time.  For example, review the requirements for the next test project.  There is always something a tester can do during network down times, and all of it is an act of 'doing testing'. 

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