Who gives the documentation to the tester?

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Dileep Kumar.G

  • Oct 29th, 2006

Hi praveen,

Question is not clear, Is it documentation or documents. Anyway, A test engineer get documents like test plan, Business Design Documents(So many synonyms are there for this), Design Change request documents (when any new functionality or anything changed in the applicatoin, then we get this doc). And coming to ur questions, We get every document from our Test Lead. And every task that we have to do will be assigned by Team lead only.



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  • Nov 14th, 2006

The documentation will given to the Tester  are the following. They are

Bussiness Requirement Specification.

System Requirement Specifcation.

change in Requirement documentation Specifcation.

Test plan.

Test Template where we write the Test case and also modify according to the Requirement Specification.

This Test Template is Saved as further referance document.

sudhakar kolla,

Email ID:kollasudhakar2005@yahoo.co.in.


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