How do you analize requirements?

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  • Sep 27th, 2006

Requirements should be clear, complete, reasonably detailed, cohesive, attainable, and testable. A non-testable requirement would be, for example, 'user-friendly' (too subjective). A testable requirement would be something like 'the user must enter their previously-assigned password to access the application'

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Anand kulkarni

  • Oct 3rd, 2006

after getting the business documents we will go for the business study and then depending on the business (system study) we will analyse the requirements

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  • Oct 6th, 2006

 The analize requirements will be according to the  Bussiness Requirement speciifcation of the client. In some the changes can be also be made according to the client.

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  • Nov 17th, 2006

This is done by Project managers, after the verification of the environment of client details, they prepare

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Dileep Kumar

  • Dec 10th, 2006

Hi all,After getting Design documents, we have to study and understand the flow of the data, overall functionalities of the application, what are the aspects that a test engineer should concentrate we have to analyze. IF we have any doubts we can raise our comments and get it clarified by the TL, PL or PM. We have to understand what are the technologies we are using for this particular application. What are the tools we have to use for this application. What type of Database test cases we have to write with respect to module like UI, Database, Functionality, Performance .............Thank you

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Requirement analysis is a process of reviewing and understanding the clients expectations from the application. It consists of below stages

=> Need to fix boundaries for the Reqs:

   First we need to verify how the application's boundaries and limitations..   ex: for how many users will access this application,etc

=> Find out the stake holders:

 We need to find out the stake holders ( custemers or users) of application so that we will have a better idea of reqs in advance, if at all any miss matches with current reqs then we will correct it.

=> Find out the Requirements Input:

 We need to find out the requirements input from the stake holders, as what exactly they are expecting from the applicatiion, if no.of stake holders are increased then the no.of inputs get increased.




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