What do we do when there is a known bug at the time of software release?

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  • Sep 20th, 2006

Generally we try to solve the problem when there is a bug at the time of release and if we can't fixed that issue then finally we have to make a release note and we have put this constraints in it.

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  • Sep 25th, 2006

As a tester the product should not allowed to release if it is a bug ,we should inform to the management that the availablity of bug, once is ok with the bug then we can release the product with initial version and that bug to be solved in the next version if any mistakes in my answers let me know

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  • Oct 13th, 2006

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When there is a known bug at the time of release the first thing that is to be done is to take it to the notice of the management. Depending on the Severity & Priority of the bug, the management will decide whether to fix the bug and then make the release or to fix the bug in the next release. If the bug is going to be fixed in the next release the Client should be intimated about this bug, so that the client will not be dissappointed with the software that is provided to him.

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Lalitha Karthik

  • Nov 7th, 2006

if the severity of the bug is high we fix the bug then release,if its less we consider it as a Differed bug which will be addressed in the future release

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  • Nov 30th, 2006

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Now we have an option to send the open issues as Known issues, so it's better to let the customer of all the things..

There is a proverb in telugu: Veyyi abadhalu adaina oka pelli cheyyamani, so release evvali anukunte elagaina etcheyochu and it's completely depends on PM's decision, but we never do like that.



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If i find a defect at the time of software release I will first escelate the defect to the Higher level Management and based on their decession i will raise the bug and High level management will mention it as a KNOWN issue in the Release Note or High level management might extent the project release date by consulting the client and fix the defect before release.

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