What is incremental loading in informatica(that is used to load only updated information in the source)?how and where u use it in informatica?

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hi friend,

you got it correctly.

incremental loading is loading updating old rows and inserting newly arrived rows.

for this we use UpdateStrategy transformation.

In each and every real time datawarehouse project this incremental loading is important. so UpdateStrategy as well.

if you want detail inf on UpdateStrategy refer to the answer i gave to one question on UpdateStrategy.

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Rangini vignesh

  • Aug 30th, 2006

The above answer is slightly correct.

The incremental loading is done in 3 ways by using Transformations.

1.Aggregate Transformation,

2.Dynamic Lookup Transformation,

3.Update Strategy Transformation,

In the mapping we can use either Aggregate Transformation or Dynamic Lookup Transformation with Updatestrategy or filter  Transformtion for performing update or insert the newly captured records.

Session level in the property tab in the performane have option like "incremantal Aggragetion".If  u enable this property the seession captures only newly records from the source.

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  • Jun 7th, 2007


Incremental Aggregations, I think informatica provides this feature to load the sessions which are abruptly termination in middle of the load, am I right? also I would like to know how you can use Aggregator Transformation to load incrementally? I only know this we use to group some columns to come up with aggregate data?

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