What is RIP (Routing Information Protocol)?

It is a simple protocol used to exchange information between the routers.

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RameshKumar Kaliamoorthi

  • Dec 5th, 2006

RIP is one of the most enduring of all routing protocols. RIP is also one of the more easily confused protocols because a variety of RIP-like routing protocols proliferated, some of which even used the same name! RIP and the myriad RIP-like protocols were based on the same set of algorithms that use distance vectors to mathematically compare routes to identify the best path to any given destination address.

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  • Jun 3rd, 2008

  1. Rip is a true distance vector routing algorithm.
  2. Every 30seconds rip sends it complete routing table out to all active interfaces.
  3. RIP uses hop count to determine the best way to reach a remote network, which it has maximum allowable hop count is 15 by default when it reaches 16 it becomes unreachable.
  4. Rip uses well in small networks but inefficient in large networks it slow down WAN links because when the large number of routers are installed.
  5. RIP has two version it is version1 & version2...
  6. rip version 1: ----it uses classful routing ,which means all the device ont he network must use the same subnet mask ant it doesn't send updates with subnet mask information.
  7. rip version 2 :-----it uses classless routing it does send updates with subnet mask information....
  8. rip uses timers to regulate it performance...

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